If these font sizes don’t speak to the relative value of Palestinian life, I don’t know what does.

While Israel continues showing its inhumanity with its terrorist attacks on the people of Gaza, Palestinians continue showing humanity and teaching life.
Israeli forces committed a massacre at Shejaiya Refugee Camp early Sunday morning with the total number of people killed now at 72, including 24 children.
The overall Palestinian death toll since Israel began its latest assault on Gaza 13 days ago stood at 501 this morning.


Bringing it back 

Let that sink in.
evanescentt-beauty: Half your posts are so unfactual. It's so unfortunate. Israel's goals are not to kill children, but to protect their own.


You are a liar. Over 600 Palestinians have been killed in the space of 2 weeks - more than 25% of whom children - and the best you can think of is ‘Israel’s goals are not to kill children’?

You’re not mistaken or ignorant, you know the truth but choose to lie in order to support Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

You want Palestinians to be wiped out (yep, definitely click this link) which is why you lie about Israel’s intentional killing of Palestinian children. Anyone who’s spent even a minute watching the news or on social media especially within the past two weeks has seen how the Israeli military targets innocent civilians, hospitals and ambulances.

'Half your posts are so unfactual' - the first thing you'll notice about this blog is that it's full of links to reliable sources. Read them. 

And on that note

"An Israeli army officer who fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle into a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then said he would have done the same even if she had been three years old was acquitted on all charges by a military court yesterday."


stein-g: Do you understand what the word hypothetical means?


Wait so, instead of condemning and being outraged at the Israeli professor’s incitement to rape Palestinian women, you’re concerned about telling people that it’s only hypothetical.

Oh no no there’s nothing to see here, it’s only hypothetical, it’s never going to happen so it doesn’t even count! Let’s forget about it and move on.

What do your priorities say about you?

With over 600 killed in the space of two weeks - 25% of whom were children - morgues in Gaza are literally overflowing with Palestinians saying their final goodbyes to loved ones. Others are not so lucky - they’re still searching under the rubble (and being shot dead by snipers while doing so). Many parents are having to do the downright agonizing and wrap their toddlers in white sheets - sometimes more than one child at a time - but we’re supposed to be showing the “good stuff that Israel does.
Hamas offers Israel 10 conditions for a 10 year truce


• Withdrawal of Israeli tanks from the Gaza border.

• Freeing all the prisoners that were arrested after the killing of the three youths.

• Lifting the siege and opening the border crossings to commerce and people.

• Establishing an international seaport and airport which would be under U.N. supervision.

• Increasing the permitted fishing zone to 10 kilometers.

• Internationalizing the Rafah Crossing and placing it under the supervision of the U.N. and some Arab nations.

• International forces on the borders.

• Easing conditions for permits to pray at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

• Prohibition on Israeli interference in the reconciliation agreement.

• Re-establishing an industrial zone and improvements in further economic development in the Gaza Strip.

It’s funny how truces put forward by Hamas are declined and largely ignored by MSM but the moment Hamas reject any farcical truces agreed to by Israel (which keep the inhumane blockade on Gaza intact, for example) it’s front page news and you’ll never hear the end of it. ‘HAMAS REJECTED THE TRUCE HAMAS DOESN’T WANT PEACE’. 

Even more funny that their conditions are actually totally legit.


Pro-Israel goon in Boston threatened a Palestinian woman with rape at Tuesday’s protest. Make sure to ID this guy, and please stay safe everyone. The irony of Zionists: Wearing a shirt that says peace while you threaten to rape someone.

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Israeli strike hits U.N. school, killing at least 15
(Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP)
Strike is the fourth time a U.N. facility has been hit in fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants
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So far, 56 Israelis have signed a petition saying they refuse to serve in the Israeli military reserves. We talk to one of them today."We are more than 50 Israelis who were once soldiers and now declare our refusal to be part of the reserves. We oppose the Israeli Army and the conscription law. Partly, that’s because we revile the current military operation," writes Yael Even Or in her open letter in the Washington Post. She joins Democracy Now! today to tell her story. Click here to watch her interview, along with Israeli war resister Yonatan Shapira.